The Rocky Top crew works exclusively on 70 miles of the A.T. through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park following the ridge crest from Davenport Gap to Fontana Dam. The crew is sponsored jointly by the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club, the National Park Service, and ATC.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Base Camp Improvements Underway

Three winter warmer weekends are underway at ATC's Crew Base Camp at Soak Ash Creek. The renovation team is made up of volunteers from Smoky Mountains Hiking Club and partners and staff from Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

We had 17 volunteers on the first day and 11 on the second day. Tons of work was accomplished and set the stage for another week of great work next weekend.

Here's a glimpse of day one, January 4, 2014: 

Boards edging the pool will help support the floor trusses. 

Tony & Larry demolished the old gear closet where
 a new exterior door will be added. 
The new closet has a peg board
for backpacks. 

Digging the window well was muddy business. 

This team was rockin'! They moved a ton of landscaping
river rocks where the future stairwell will be installed. 

I caught a quick picture of Don and Nancy before they got away.

 Here's a look at day two, Jan 5, 2014:

A knee wall was added to also support the trusses. 

Once the pool is decked this big room will
be used for trainings and workshops. 

Waning daylight signals the end of the work day. 

Window well hole dug 6 X 6 X 6. 


Kathryn Herndon said...

Wow y'all are making great progress! Awesome work, wish I could join in. :-)

Bobby Berry said...

Cant wait to see it in person, are you going to make storage under that floor?

Keith Bacigalupo said...

Awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product.